General Guidelines


  1. Check the school diary daily for home assignment/instruction of/ teacher/other officials.
  1. It is mandatory to attend all PTA meetings and compulsory for school students to come in uniform.
  2. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate by checking the home work of their ward.
  3. Parents/guardians are requested not to enter the class room and criticize the teacher in presence of the student. For any queries regarding your child contact the school information desk/reception during school hours.
  4. No strangers/relatives are allowed to meet students.
  5. Students are not supposed to bring valuable articles to the school. School will not be hold responsibility for any such loss.
  6. The Second/Last Saturday of the month will be observed as holiday.
  7. Parents please co-operate with school in developing their ward a morally strong, sincere, smart, cultured and confident individual.
  8. No student should deface, damage or break school furniture or any electronic items otherwise the student will have to pay the full cost of the concerned item allowed with a heavy fine.
  9. Any breach of conduct or any action of indiscipline will be treated seriously. The school reserves the right to suspend/expel student whose conduct is causing problem to fellow students or schools.
  10. Students are required to observe the school timings.
  11. In case of absence due to sickness, a return application is required from the parent/guardians. If the absence from the school exceeds more than one week without any justification or explanation, the name of the students will be struck off the school register.
  12. All the students should maintain haircut properly. Girl students are not supposed to use nail polish.

Payment of the fees :

  1. Fee should be paid between the 1st to 10th of every month.
  2. After 15th of the Month the fee can be deposited at the school office along with a late fine of Rs. 50 (per month).
  3. If the name of a student is struck off the school register it will be restored only on payment of the prescribed re-admission fee and arrears if any.
  4. In case of withdrawal from school, one month notice is required, otherwise security will not be refunded.
  5. Fee once deposited will no be refunded.



  1. Be smart, obey. You will give orders yourself someday.
  2. Give careful and systematic attention to all subjects and courses you take regardless of your interest in them.
  3. Pick the right friends to be picket for a friend.
  4. Establish pleasant relationship with other students.
  5. Ditch dirty thoughts fast or they will ditch you.
  6. Speak clearly, intelligibly and concisely.
  7. Always be courteous and polite, whatever be the circumstances.
  8. Keep your sense of humour.
  9. Keep your credit good.
  10. Keep on laughing, reading and enjoying.
  11. Always converse in English.


  1. Don’t let your parents down, they have brought you up.
  2. Don’t impose your bad mood on others in your company.
  3. Don’t interrupt other when they are talking.
  4. Don’t go steady unless you are ready.
  5. Don’t read other people’s correspondence or private papers unless invited to do so.
  6. Never talk about people behind their backs.
  7. Don’t be selfish; be interested in the folks around you but not offensively curious.
  8. Don’t use coarse or vulgar language.
  9. Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.
  10. Never ask others what you can do yourself.
  11. Don’t waste water and electricity.