J.S. Senior Secondary School at Asaudha, Bahadurgarh, provides education which involves a series of programmes and activities. We have been successful in conducting these programmes and activities mainly because of the availability of proper infrastructure in the school, which includes buildings, grounds, furniture and apparatus along with equipments that are so essential for imparting education.

Holy Cross School is set up in a suitable atmosphere. It is situated in a prime location. It has some space with shady trees around. There is a calm and quiet atmosphere which is conductive to teaching and learning. The school building is quite impressive, having adequate lighting, comfortable seating, useful service facilities such as library, multipurpose rooms, functional playground, classrooms, chalk and bulletin boards, sinks, work areas, filing and storage space and lockers for pupils and teachers etc.


The school building is well planned, spaciously and functionally. It allows free movement in and out of classroom for students and teachers. The Pre-Primary Classes, the Primary Classes, and the Middle, High and Higher Secondary Classes are in three separate buildings on the same campus. The rooms of the buildings are spacious and ventilated with all facilities like fans etc. Drinking water and W.C. facilities are provided on each floor of the three buildings, and also on the ground.


Classroom is the backbone of any school physical infrastructure. Holy Cross School has adequate number of classrooms. Walls are painted by light colours and rooms are carefully decorated with charts, paintings, bulletin boards, etc..

The front wall has a Green Board and a Promethean Board at appropriate height. The classrooms have built-in cupboards for keeping books, tools, crafts materials, etc. In the classroom there is adequate furniture for the teachers and pupils. The classroom is well lighted and fans too are provided.


Library plays a vital role in the learning process of the school. The library is located in a prominent place and is easily accessible. It has a store of textbooks, workbooks, reference books, fiction, non-fiction books at various reading levels, reference books of special topics and interests and related pamphlets, clippings, pictures, maps, charts, periodicals, magazines, etc. all placed in proper shelves.


Laboratory is an essential part of a school where experiments are performed and hypothesis are tested and verified. The School has separate biology, physics, chemistry, and computer laboratories. The Physics lab is equipped with optical, electrical, thermo dynamical, mechanical instruments. The Chemistry lab is equipped with different types of solutions, salts and components. The Biology lab is equipped with slides, microscopes, skeletons and different specimens. The Computer lab is equipped with a series of computers and systems.


The administrative block should be well planned. The school office is centrally located so as to serve as a good co-ordination centre, easily accessible to visitors, teachers and students. The principal’s office is large enough to accommodate small conference and it opens into the general office as well as into the corridor.


The School has a well-furnished staff room where the teachers can meet and interact with each other, do corrections of home/school work of students and refer to books etc. This room has lockers for teachers so that they can safeguard various reference books and instructional materials and answer books and their personal belongings.


Our School has a small but well maintained playground. Sports and games play a vital role in the school. Enough facilities for indoor as well as outdoor sports and games are provided to the students. Physical education is taught on the playground only.


J.S. Sr Sec. School has a Counselling Room, an Audio-Visual Room, a Geography Room and a Sports Room.