About Us

J.S. Sr Sec School, a premier center of education is managed and run by Malik educational group, Bahadurgarh. At this school we provide much more than enriched class room, Sessions when children are awakened and nurtured to their full potential under the care of expert Mentors. Here they learn about themselves, about others and keenly under stand the world around them. We encourage students to develop and pursue Co-curricular interests such as craft, Arts, Dance, Debated, Elocution, Extempore Quiz, Music, Sports Competition and many more, Competencies rooted in ethical culture and values we prepare students for bright future accordingly to their wishes in positive manner. It is and will continue to be, our mission that each student of our school be a success story in forming a holistic personality.

Our Goal

Our aim is not just to create another face is the crowd but to nurture each student in to a developing personality which has the resolve to do the parents, nation proud. J.S Sr Sec School’s endeavors to provide not just pedantic learning but a genuine & holistic education in a stress free environment where students include a spirit of enquiry we not only train them to find challenging career but also to face the complexities of life.